Early Evolutionary Steps to exploit our Environment

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Here, we investigate the early evolutionary steps that enabled mammals to become the most successful group of animals on the planet.

Marine biologists at the University of New England are studying a group of fish with a very ancient ancestry. They build their skeletons with the same strong material that formed the gristly rod as the first vertebrates – cartilage. They are the sharks, skates and rays.

Marsupial and Placental Mammals

Marsupial and Placental Mammals

There are three groups of mammals the monotremes, marsupials and placentals and it is thought they appeared 160 million years ago.

This opossum is a marsupial that lives in South America and it has no pouch. It’s young seal their mouths so tightly around the teats, they stay firmly attached. This may well be how the early marsupials, like Sinodelphys, carried their young around.