Titanotheres the mammal monsters that began as tiny creatures

Paraceratherium Dino Rhino

Titanotheres were among the largest animals ever to inhabit Earth and were probably the ancestors of the rhinocerous.

After the dinosaur extinctions of 65 million years ago, mammals were using their spectacular adaptability to evolve and diversify at an astonishing rate. In the process, they laid the foundations for the major mammal groups we see today, including the enormous titanotheres.

Meteor Impact and Life after Dinosaurs

Meteor Impact Crater

It is thought that the fact of the dinosaur extinction happening close to the time of the meteor impact was not a simple coincidence.

For millions of years, mammals remained the small, shrew-like creatures that we’ve encountered so far, skittering about around the feet of the dinosaurs. But then came a sudden global catastrophe that threatened to bring the whole history of the vertebrates to a sudden end.