Communist Revolution Afghanistan President Taraki

Warehouse Door

Although communism was a foreign idea the Communist Revolution in Afghanistan was the choice of the Afghan people.

Communism was a foreign idea, but, it was, Afghans themselves and not foreigners who implemented it. They believed the ideology would transform their country. And coming to power the new Communist president, Nur Mohammad Taraki announced a manifesto of staggering ambition

Lady Sale Diaries and the retreat from Kabul

Praying to Allah

The Lady Sale Diaries record the British retreat from Kabul in the most grisly detail. Witnessing the full-horror of the Ango Afghan War.

Almost every last grisly detail was immortalised in the best selling diaries of Lady Sale, wife of one of the senior officers in the Kabul Army. The Lady Sale Diaries became an instant hit for the people who have a macabre fascination with wartime violence.

Istalif place of peace much-loved by hippies

Spinning Sparks

Istalif is typical of the independant community found everywhere in Afghanistan. A peacful sel-governing village that welcomed visitors.

For many in the West, Afghanistan is now synonymous with war. A land where soldiers go to die. A place which is believed to represent such an overwhelming threat to the security of the West that over 100,000 Western soldiers are currently stationed here.

General Muslim and the fight for Panjshir Valley

Sunset Helicopter

General Muslim led the fight in the Panjshir Valley against the invading Soviet Army and fought a successfuk guerilla war agaonst their foes.

Now, the Soviets faced not just the popular resistance, but a guerrilla army equipped with the latest in military hardware. And when America started supplying Stinger later and other anti-aircraft missiles to the Mujahideen, they started bringing down Soviet helicopters.